"A man who stops advertising to save money, is like a man who stops a clock to save time”
- …Henry Ford
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Suppliers/Products » Promotional Products In Saskatoon

New Image Advertising in Saskatoon has a vast variety of suppliers who create all of our products for us to offer you. From well-known national brands to local high quality companies, we have a long list of trusted suppliers we work with.


From t-shirts to winter jackets, sweatpants, and more, New Image Advertising works with several clothing brands to provide personalized items for your company.

Advertising Specialties

We work with several brands that provide specialty items that serve as great advertising pieces. These include stress balls, magnet catchers, hockey pucks, matrix puzzles, badge holders, flashlights, and much more. We also have head bands and bracelets, shoelaces, and other bright and colorful items to promote your business.


If you require balloons for any event or to hand out to kids at your business location, New Image Advertising works with Pioneer Line, a manufacturer of latex products including balloons, balls, tents, signs, and more. We purchase balloons, balloon kits, and specialty outdoor display balloons, which can be customized with your logo, event info, slogan, or anything else you choose.


Blankets are a great choice for outdoor events and to serve as take home items for your best customers. We work with 2 well known blanket manufacturers to create personalized blankets of any size.

Candies and Chocolates

Give your clients a sweet memory of your business with candies and chocolates from New Image Advertising. We have a specialty chocolate dealer who can distribute anything from seasonal and holiday items to chocolate wrapper bars, coins, shapes, thank and recognition items, safety and healthcare, and tax accounting specific items. Go beyond chocolate with products such as mints, cookies, lollipops, popcorn, tea, gum, and snacks.

Plastic Drinkware

Give your customers a reminder of your business while they enjoy a cold drink without worrying about breaking the glass with plastic drinkware items.


Your customers will associate you with safety while they work when they purchase branded safety gear such as glasses, ear protection, vests, and more.


Keep your head warm and look stylish with promotional hats from one of these fine brands:


Give your customers a chance to perfect their swing while they remember your business with personalized golf balls, club covers, and much more from five different brands.

Team Sports

Unify and represent your team with the perfect uniform, complete with player numbers and names (if needed) for any sport from basketball to tennis.

Tote Bags

Carry anything from beach supplies to groceries in our stylish, durable tote bags. We work with six different brands to create our tote bags alone:

Light Up Products

Get creative with light up products personalized for your business. Choose from microphones, signs, shot glasses, glow sticks, cups, tape, and much more.

Packaging Solutions

If you ship your products out to your customers, make your packaging fun, memorable, and personalized by ordering boxes, tissue paper, and much more from New Image Advertising.


Customers will have a place to hold ID cards, whistles, key chains, and much more when you offer them a customized lanyard.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins with your logo and company name on them are suitable for employee and customers use, especially for identifying your business outside the store or office and at events.


Give your customers a reminder of you every time they open their refrigerator with magnets from one of our three manufacturers.


Pens are an inexpensive, useful way to promote your business. Get one in standard or jumbo sizes and any ink colors from one of our seven brands.

Day Planners

Planners can be expensive and good quality designs with ample writing space are hard to find. Make it easy for your customers to schedule events and to-dos (including using your services) with a branded day planner.


Go for something different that your customers will truly appreciate such as a branded watch. We work with two high quality watch companies.

Towels and Aprons

Customers who like to cook will love a personalized towel or apron from your business. We also have aprons for medical personnel and servers in the restaurant industry. Create the perfect kitchen items from New Image Advertising.

Playing Cards

Offer your customers a reminder of you every time they play cards with a deck of card personalized for your business. Their friends and family will see it too, so they work as an effective referral method.


Display the pride you have for your country, state, business, team, or cause for all to see with a flag from New Image Advertising. We can design and create small hand-held flags, flags to hang as a banner on your wall, vehicle flags, and large flags for outdoor flagpoles. From a simple USA flag to your favorite sports team logo to custom flag designs, we can create any flag you need in a wide range of sizes, each made with high quality fabrics.


We can also personalize electronics and accessories for electronics with your company logo, colors, and text. This includes flash drives, phone and tablets stands, mobile phone stand key chains, credit card holders, iPod speakers, and much more. From company conference room equipment to free gifts for clients, we can create electronics products to promote your brand.


New Image Advertising in Saskatoon also designed personalized glassware. We can engrave, screen print, or apply decals on wine glasses, beer mugs, coffee cups, plates, saucers, and any other glassware item. We can incorporate logos, slogans, graphics, and other text to promote your business. These are great for restaurants and hotels, but any industry can incorporate branded glassware into their inventory.


New Image Advertising also creates branded gloves, including golf, motorcycle, gardening, work, and cold weather gloves. Material options include wool, polyester, suede, leather, and rubber gloves. We can print your logo on the gloves or create embroidering lettering or graphics, and virtually any color or pattern is available.


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